About us


Boosting Green Tech Sustainability

TechMudah is a leading provider in the electronic industry, specializing in the trade of used
and refurbished electronic devices and components. As a reputable company in Malaysia,
we cater to a diverse audience, including retailers, wholesalers, and individual consumers
seeking or to let high-quality electronics at reasonable prices. With over 15 years of experience
in the electronic industry, we consistently deliver the best products and services to our valued
customers throughout Southeast Asia.

Target Audience

Our products and services cater to a wide range of customers, including retailers looking to stock or
unstock their shelves, wholesalers seeking for bulk purchases or sales, and end-usersin
search of reliable purchase or trade in electronic solutions for personal or business needs.

Products and Services

At TechMudah, we take pride in offering a diverse array of used and refurbished electronic
devices and components. It is our commitment to provide list of products that are equal


Our vision is to bring our sustainable practices
and affordable tech solutions throughout
Southeast Asia making a positive impact on
people's lives across the region.


Our mission is to consistently providing used and
refurbished electronics, reduce e-waste through
recycling initiatives, and inspire the world to create,
innovate, and accelerate the green technology

Join us on
this journey!

At TechMudah, we are committed to delivering
excellence, affordability, and environmental
responsibility. Join our mission to revolutionize
the Green Tech industry through embracing
sustainability and empowering creativity.
Together, let's shape a greener and more
innovative world.

Our Values

Empowering with Integrity

Embrace Sustainability

We wholeheartedly embrace the Go Green Movement!
By providing new life to used electronics, we actively
contribute to reducing e-waste and protecting our
environment for future generations. "One man's trash
is another man's treasure.

Unleash Creativity

Our platform empowers you to explore a vast array of
electronic parts, allowing you to unleash your creativity
and ingenuity. Reuse components to create something
amazing or entirely new, and let your imagination be
your guide!

Tech Treasure Hunt

On our platform, you'll embark on a thrilling tech
treasure hunt! Uncover hidden gems and seize
budget-friendly deals, making technology
accessible to all.

Trusted Source

We pride ourselves on being the chosen primary
supplier for both consumers and wholesalers alike.
With unbeatable prices, we foster lasting partnerships
built on trust and reliability.

Empowering Innovation

We believe in fuelling dreams with affordable tech, providing everyone with the tools to make their
imaginations soar. Your vision becomes a reality with our exceptional products and services.